Hillstone Networks Launches ADC For Better User Exp.

Hillstone Networks states the global release of the Hillstone Application Delivery Controller (ADC), a high performance solution designed to deliver the most optimal application experience to the user.

Hillstone ADC delivers application high availability and improves the overall user access, productivity and experience. It delivers non-disruptive IPv6 migration and HTTPS transformation, with extreme SSL processing performance through a dedicated hardware acceleration technology. It features end-to-end secure application delivery through its onboard security technologies and in conjunction with other Hillstone security products.

Features and Benefits
1. Flexible Load Balancing Options: Layer 4 to 7 server load balancing (SLB), link load balancing (LLB) and global server load balancing (GSLB) to assure business availability and continuity.
2. Website and Application Acceleration: Reduces data transfers, load times, server connections and server read/write to improve overall response speeds and thus, user experience.
3. SSL Processing: Hardware based SSL offloading reduces servers’ compute workload for better performance, allows full inspection of traffic for improved security and provides HTTPS transformation with only minimal changes needed.
4. Full Featured, Low Impact IPv6 Migration: Supports IPv6 with almost no network or server changes required, minimizing the complexity of the transition to IPv6.
5. Highly Secure Application Delivery: Works with Hillstone’s NGFWs and other security technologies for an end-to-end security from access to data centers.

“Hillstone is introducing a paradigm shift in the application delivery market with the launch of
AX series ADC products. Today’s workloads and users require a solution that complements existing environments and that addresses the high availability, accessibility and security needs of modern application delivery,” said Tim Liu, CTO and Co-Founder of Hillstone Networks.