HPE Keeps The Push On Digital Transformation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced HPE Ezmeral, a new brand and software portfolio to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation across their organization, from edge to cloud. HPE Ezmeral spans a complete portfolio including container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and AI driven operations, security enabling organizations to increase agility and efficiency, unlock insights and deliver business innovation.

HPE also introduced new HPE GreenLake cloud services, which provide an agile, lower cost and consistent cloud experience everywhere. HPE stated that HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops will be made available as cloud services through HPE GreenLake to bring even greater speed and simplicity to containerized application development and DevOps agility to the ML lifecycle.

“Our software uniquely enables customers to eliminate lock-in and costly legacy licensing models, helping them to accelerate innovation and reduce costs, while ensuring enterprise grade security. With over 8,300 software engineers in HPE continually innovating across our edge to cloud portfolio and signature customer wins in every vertical, HPE Ezmeral software and HPE GreenLake cloud services will disrupt the industry by delivering an open, flexible, cloud experience everywhere,” noted Kumar Sreekanti, CTO and Head of Software for HPE.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform software provides the flexibility to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale on any infrastructure in enterprise data centres, colocation facilities, multiple public clouds and at the edge. Customers can run cloud native or non-cloud native applications in containers without costly refactoring, manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with a unified control plane, and leverage a high performance distributed file system for persistent data and applications through HPE’s proven innovations such as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric and the KubeDirector open source project. Now HPE Ezmeral Container Platform will also be delivered as a cloud service through HPE GreenLake.

Abdulla Al Kendi, Acting Executive Director of Technology and Policies, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) stated, “For this reason, ADDA has formed a strong partnership with HPE on a number of digitization and advanced data initiatives. Using HPE Ezmeral ML Ops, ADDA is deploying leading-edge data science and AI/ML instrumentation to develop intelligent policies aimed at recovery and containment, preparedness and disease management and economic growth and revitalization.”

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops software leverages containerization to streamline the entire machine learning model lifecycle across on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud and edge environments. The solution introduces a DevOps-like process to standardize machine learning workflows and accelerate AI deployments from months to days. Customers benefit by operationalizing AI / ML data science projects faster, eliminating data silos, seamlessly scaling from pilot to production and avoiding the costs and risks of moving data. HPE Ezmeral ML Ops will also now be available through HPE GreenLake.

Mats Nordlund, board member of AI.se & Director of Research and Innovation at Zenuity said, “AI innovation of Sweden (AI.se) works with our 70+ partners with an aim to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industry and welfare. We are proud to partner with HPE in their development journey for the new GreenLake ML Ops cloud services. As we strive to accelerate applied AI research though collaboration and cross industry sharing, we are excited to work with HPE in bringing innovation to the area of data factories and ML model development at scale. Together, we’ve identified ways to refine the functionality and compatibility of the offering, which we believe will serve AI.se and other HPE partners in bringing ML capabilities for business success.”

HPE is actively engaged in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Kubernetes community, with open source projects such as KubeDirector, Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone (SPIFFE) and SPIFFE Runtime Environment (SPIRE). These projects are a key component of the HPE Ezmeral strategy to deliver an open and flexible software portfolio that helps customers avoid vendor lock-in.

A component of the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is an HPE contributed open source project, KubeDirector, which provides the ability to run non-cloud native monolithic applications (i.e., complex, stateful, scale-out application clusters requiring persistent storage) on Kubernetes. HPE’s acquisition in February 2020 of Scytale for cloud native security underscores its commitment to the open source ecosystem, with ongoing contributions to open source projects, including SPIFFE and SPIRE.