Huawei Levant Appoints Mutasem Shehadeh As VP

Huawei has appointed Mutasem Shehadeh as the Vice president of Huawei Levant. Mr Shehadeh’s mandate is to raise the market share of Huawei in Jordan from 15 percent to 25 percent by the end 2016. “Huawei is one of the most important smartphone companies in the world, distinguished among other companies by the fact that it is originally the number one global information and communications technology solutions provider in the world, the thing which reflects on the quality and smart designs of its phones, that challenge the most important phone companies in the world,” explained Mr Shehadeh.

As the competition in the smartphone market in Jordan and the Levant region grows, Huawei believes it will prove itself as the company whose products keep pace with technological developments.

The Jordanian telecommunications market is one of the most competitive Arab markets, where telecom companies endeavor to provide better services that are in line with the acceleration in the world of technology. According to Mr Shehadeh, this has pushed Huawei to focus on the Jordanian market, through providing it with the latest technologies of the smartphone industry, and the most sophisticated and superior features in the local market. Huawei also launched more than 15 smartphones for the different segments of the Jordanian society.

Elaborating on the company’s strategy for this year, Mr Shehadeh explained, “Huawei has specified the size of investment which commensurate with the expansion to which it aspires and raises the level of high competition in the Kingdom of Jordan. We are ready to meet the demands of the market, and aspire to meet all the consumers’ needs by continuing to deliver products that have the highest degree of sophistication and cater to the tastes of all segments of societies all around the Levant region.”

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