LG’s Sensory Mktg Strategy Around ‘Flavors’

LG Electronics (LG) has partnered with Chef Faisal Naser to offer an opportunity to UAE residents, as part of its mission to make cooking and getting creative in the kitchen more enjoyable. LG and Faisal are inviting food enthusiasts to visit ‘The Spot of Delicious’ at LG’s ‘Life’s Good Restaurant’. Whether baking banana bread during quarantine, making baked feta pasta with friends, or grilling food under the stars with family at Al Qudra, participants can detail what makes the dish special to them and who it most reminds them of.

The competition forms a part of the company’s ‘LG’s the Spot’ campaign, an initiative designed to show how life can be enhanced through the power of technology and social interaction. Dishes will be uploaded to a digital feed showcasing all submitted entries. Mr Naser will then select the three best dishes, inviting winners to dine at his Abu Dhabi based restaurant, Lento.

The Life’s Good Restaurant competition is running from now till April 30, 2021. Mr Naser says to upload regular content to his Instagram page throughout the duration of the campaign, stating the three chosen winners in early May.