LinkedIn Membership Growth Led By Fast-Growth Regions

Following Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn back in June 2016, the enterprise networking service has undergone one of the biggest overhauls since its launch in 2003.

LinkedIn’s purchase and revamp appears to be accelerating the growth it was already enjoying. Particularly important here is that, while American internet users were once ahead of average for being a member of the professional network, internet users in other countries are now just at likely to have a presence on the platform. With the service becoming more and more attractive to internet users in fast-growth markets, the prospects for further growth therefore look solid.

Increasing popularity among mobile-first internet users in emerging markets is one clear reason why it was sensible for the service to place so much importance on updating its mobile app. But this should also chime with users in mature markets like the US who, quarter-on-quarter, are becoming more likely to say that mobile is their most important devices.

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