Liquid Omnicommerce Appoints Richard Nicoll As MD

Liquid Omnicommerce, an independent retail consultancy, has appointed Richard Nicoll as its Chief Commerce Officer and Managing Director.

Mr Nicoll joins Liquid from Publicis Communications in Asia, where he was Chief Shopper Marketing Officer. He has also held leadership roles at Saatchi & Saatchi in London and Hong Kong.

In his previous mandate, he was responsible for building the regional shopper marketing capability for Publicis Communications (Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Publicis WW) across Asia as well as leading the Groupe’s business with P&G in South China.

“It’s hugely exciting to be back in a region where shopping is so important and where communication at commerce is taken so seriously. I’m delighted to join Liquid as it is the most exciting, fastest growing and truly omnicommerce agency I’ve come across anywhere in the past few years. As the retail ecosystem expands here, the distinctive offering that Liquid brings – data driven understanding combined with creativity to solve business issues in retail – will definitely enable us to add more value to our clients and their customers,” commented Mr Nicoll.

In his new role, he is tasked with driving the agency’s growth as a renewed and valued total omnicommerce enterprise in the region, with a focus on enhancing the agency offering, structuring agency capability and striking the right balance and focus between online and offline shopper marketing. He will also focus on building partnerships to leverage data to create effective in-store shopper strategies for clients as well as meeting the aspirations of shoppers for more personal and tailored experiences.

“We are honored to welcome Richard to our team, with his incredible experience of building successful businesses in global communication networks. A true visionary in shopper marketing, his breadth of expertise in shaping dynamic, creative and highly successful omni commerce strategies will power the growth of Liquid. He is the real pioneer of shopper marketing in the UAE, and now as he returns, with a wealth of experience in highly competitive global markets, the insights he will bring will benefit our clients tremendously,” added Sachinn J Laala, Founder and Chief Everything Officer at Liquid Omnicommerce.

Since its launch two years ago in Dubai, Liquid Omnicommerce is an agency of over 40 specialists.