Lotame & ArabyAds’ ThePubverse Partner To Strengthen Data-Led Advertising In The Region


ThePubverse, ArabyAds’ publisher monetization platform today announced that it has further strengthened its platforms by partnering with Lotame, the global technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use.

With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, ThePubverse and Lotame have united forces to pioneer data-driven strategies that will elevate brand engagement, optimize targeting, and deliver superior results for clients.

Through this dynamic partnership, ThePubverse will leverage Lotame’s Spherical platform to collect first-party data and gain access to a vast repository of high-quality, consented third-party data, empowering our team to make informed decisions, maximize ad relevance, and enhance campaign effectiveness. With the advanced capabilities of Spherical, ThePubverse will harness real-time insights to tailor precise messages, unlocking new dimensions of audience understanding.

With this partnership, ThePubverse will also tap into Lotame’s niche audience segment creation, audience expansion, audience enrichment for persona creation, and enhanced cookieless targeting opportunities.

Commenting on the development, Imad Sarrouf, CEO of ThePubverse said, “We are thrilled to join hands with Lotame on this exciting journey. This collaboration opens a wealth of opportunities for our clients and us, as we aim to provide unmatched data targeting and activations backed by cutting-edge data analytics. Together, we are poised to set new industry standards and create transformative campaigns that drive meaningful results.”

“Lotame’s mission is to empower publishers to drive growth and derive value from customer data — whether they have it or need it. We’re excited to join forces with ThePubverse to enable their clients to use data in smarter, faster, and easier ways that expand their monetization and yield”, said Ross McMillan, VP of Commercial Solutions EMEA at Lotame.