Ooredoo & Wipro Partner To Launch IPv6

Ooredoo is transitioning towards an IPv6 enabled environment to meet the future demands of the rapidly evolving technologies coupled with adoption of Internet of Things, Machine to Machine solutions and security performance concerns that has created a massive demand for IP addresses. IPv6 is said to not only provide massive scalability but also address the security concerns. Native IPv6 Security features embedded in IPv6 stack allows for end-to-end encryption that will be of advantage during large scale IoT deployments.

The partnership between Ooredoo and Wipro Limited enables the services on Ooredoo’s mobile network in Kuwait. Wipro leveraged a dual stack solution through network devices that translate Internet Protocol (IPv4) and (IPv6) to provide futuristic, reliable, secure and faster mobile data experience.

“IPv6 is the future. However, we as a telecom service provider, need to ensure that both IPv4 and IPv6 services are provided to allow an easy transformation, technically called dual stack. Dual Stack approach will allow us to seamlessly transition towards IPv6 whilst still providing IPv4 connectivity for IPv4-only enabled websites and services. Most of the social networking sites and Content Delivery Networks such as Google, Facebook and Netflix provide native IPv6 content. This will allow us to provide the content natively using IPv6 thus becoming independent of Network Address Translation that is required with IPv4 networks,” commented Hassan El-Chami, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Ooredoo Kuwait.

IPv6 also claims to unlock the true potential of Software Defined Network to enable Ooredoo Kuwait’s network to witness the benefits of a software first network architecture. This results in better performance and more control over the connected devices. Moreover, the Dual Stack network allows users to experience IPv6 content natively which is reflected in the improved latency in different social media applications, content and gaming.

Kiran Desai, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited noted, “We are delighted to be a part of Ooredoo’s transformation journey and help enhance their customer experience. Our deep network transformation and system integration expertise, leveraging new age IoT devices with minimized network complexities and reduced costs helped create a future-ready network for Ooredoo. The company can now offer a futuristic, reliable, secure and faster mobile data experience to its consumers and enable faster secured content delivery for enhancing browsing and viewing experience.”