Oracle Accelerates AI Implementation In The UAE

Global experts including Geoffrey Moore, Management Author, Advisor and Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President – Oracle Applications Product Development took the stage at Oracle’s first global AI Summit in Dubai to highlight the new business innovation opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) will offer to public and private sector organizations.

“AI has the power to be more transformative for the enterprise than any other technology in recent history. In fact we predict that, by 2019, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will become the fastest-growing segments of software development,” said Mr Miranda.

“The Dubai Government and the UAE Federal Government are among the first in the world to have proactively taken AI initiatives that will usher in the next phase of growth and opportunities. With a three decade long presence in the region, Oracle is committed to helping UAE organizations lead the 21st century with differentiating AI innovations. The recent opening of ‘Zayed Innovation Hub’ and the hosting of Global AI Summit in Dubai are a solid testament to that commitment”, he added.

Elaborating on the opportunities AI offers to business leaders in the 21st century, management author, Geoffrey Moore said, “In a digital economy, where cloud computing, mobile devices, and the internet of things are creating global reach, and where every communication and transaction is captured and logged, it is now possible to aggregate and mine the resulting ‘big data’ to detect trends and diagnose problems before it is too late to act upon them. This capability will transform the operating models of every industry and every public service, but only after the organizations involved have learned how to harness the power of AI and machine learning. The faster society can move to do this, the sooner the benefits of digital transformation can be realized. It is hard to imagine a higher priority.”

With an objective to help drive the implementation of AI across the country’s businesses, public sector and the academia, Oracle has recently opened the ‘Zayed Innovation Hub’, a facility dedicated to AI in Dubai. Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Government of the United Arab Emirates inaugurated the hub.

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