President Of Pakistan Inaugurates Pakistan Pavilion At Expo 2020 Dubai, And Shares Message Of Peace With The World

Dr. Arif Alvi, the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has inaugurated the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.


The President later spoke to the Expo News Service about what this means for his nation.


What are your first impressions of Expo 2020 from your visit?


“It’s a tremendous project bringing the countries of the world together. I believe there are 192 countries who have places here for people to see. This is the best, microcosmic cooperative display that can be seen, with every country offering its best.”


“I’m very impressed with the Pakistan Pavilion… because of [the] beautiful art. Many artists have worked here, and I’m sure that the Pakistan Pavilion will be one of the top-ranking… they’ve brought the religions of Pakistan, its artists and craftsmen, and both inside and outside are beautiful.”


How does this align with Pakistan’s goals and aspirations?


“Pakistan is trying to project itself to the world, and this is the best place [to do so]. Instead of going to 192 countries, people can be at Expo and visit those nations.


“Pakistan is trying to project peace, its many religions, and its history – 7,000 years ago, we had a planned city with drainage and water supplies – this is something Pakistan has never been able to showcase. There is tremendous potential for tourism in Pakistan.”


What is Pakistan’s message to the world?


“Pakistan’s message to the world has always been peace: stop fighting with each other, and instead look at global warming, and the shortage of water… We talk about peace only.”