Quality’s Digital Strategy Focuses On Real Time Insights

Facilio stated that Quality Group are using the Facilio O&M platform to automate maintenance, engage with tenants in real time, as well as strengthen its service quality for clients. Occupants are increasingly demanding better maintained facilities and instant service resolutions as opposed to the conventional priorities of good aesthetics and pricing. New FM business models are therefore centered on resolving inefficiencies in day-to-day operations while taking a proactive approach to identifying friction points, even before end users feel its impact.

Recognizing the incredible demand and opportunity for value added facility services, Quality Group has said to realign its focus towards leveraging a digital strategy that has helped them streamline routines, minimize compliance risk and gain real time operations insights.

“Our vision is to deliver and scale a truly agile FM services business that puts customers’ needs first. From our experience of using multiple clunky and bloated CAFM, we knew we needed an adaptable solution that enhances our business operations, and seamlessly fits the way we operate, rather than the other way around. Facilio’s comprehensive, integrated solution suite is perfect for our current and future needs. With the Facilio platform, we can consolidate maintenance routines, tenants requests, and workforce KPIs, and help our stakeholders make data led operational decisions to deliver continuous value to our customers across UAE,” added Sumith Sukumaran, the Operations Manager of Quality Group, UAE.

With over 1500 units under its management, Quality Group needed to establish the infrastructure to automate thousands of routines, manage customer requests, and optimize staff time, in order to find new ways to retain tenants and expand to new offerings. After an extensive review, the company claims to choose Facilio as its operational platform due to Facilio’s custom capabilities and its ability to deliver granular, contextual insights to all levels of stakeholders enabling them with the freedom to focus on what’s important to their business, customer experience.

“Modern FM leaders need data-driven decision-making as well as portfolio-wide visibility to drive efficiency. We built Facilio as a flexible platform to enable a suite of cloud-native apps and seamless mobility. This also ensures a fast implementation cycle, something that can be especially useful when you need agile responsiveness during turbulent times,” said Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Facilio Inc. adding, “We are very happy that our platform implementation has enabled the Quality Group to rapidly realize benefits and meet their benchmarks for frictionless customer experience.”

“Through its customer-first approach and Facilio as its strategic technology partner, Quality Group’s goal is to transfer the value of operational efficiency to clients through technology-led services. The success in reducing escalations drastically within a short span is paving the way for us to closely look at predictive analytics and sustainability management as an added service”, concluded Mr Sukumaran.