RAKBANK Captures Barca Fans Emotions In ‘Memotraits’

Going beyond banking and differentiating itself by creating ‘Simply Better’ experiences, RAKBANK turned memories of FC Barcelona fans into art with its latest video ‘Memotraits’.

Bringing emotion into the abstract form, the bank used Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets on unsuspecting FC Barcelona fans which monitored their human brainwaves and turned it into data. As they shared their memories, the headset captured three types of emotions – Concentration, Excitement and Relaxation.

Art was primarily used to denote the memories that are often felt but not seen. RAKBANK, being the regional partner of FC Barcelona in the UAE, wanted its Barça fans to relieve their memories of Camp Nou. The thrill of watching FC Barcelona play live at the home stadium invokes emotions, similar to first-time experiences.

Yet again, being a challenger brand in the cluttered BFSI space, RAKBANK have always strived to innovate and defy conventions. And through its ‘MEMOTRAITS’, helped Barca fans to depict their memories of Camp Nou, transforming them into beautiful Portraits.