Renault Middle East Celebrates Saudi Women In The Driver’s Seat

Taking advantage of the Saudi royal decree allowing women to drive, Renault Middle East, together with its distributor, Gulf Advantage Automobiles, has embarked on a marketing exercise where it is giving away seven cars to the first seven Saudi females to visit one of it showrooms in the Kingdom.

The seven new female drivers must present their driving license at one of the seven Renault showrooms in the country for their chance to be handed the keys to a new Renault Captur. The automobile company said that this initiative is the first of several that is planned to establish a long-term relationship with Saudi female drivers.

The Captur is Renault’s first urban crossover. “The Renault Captur was the first Renault model to be designed by a gender balanced team, with almost half of the designers being women. Indeed, our entire line-up is well suited to the female audience and will appeal to Saudi Arabia’s new customer base as they get behind the wheel,” said Marwan Haidamous, the managing director of Renault Middle East.

He explained that Renault ranks within the top 10 consumer brands in Saudi Arabia and holds the number one spot among all European automotive brands in the Kingdom. “As Saudi Arabia continues its forward strides, we are confident that Renault will continue to grow in the country,” he added.

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