Snap Aims Direct Response With Connect

With the introduction of Snap Connect, advanced courses on Direct Response (DR) advertising on Snapchat, Snap Inc. is growing the opportunities for advertisers.

Snap Connect is said to be an expansion to the Snap Focus program that enables advertisers to dive deeper into education and strategies for DR advertising goals, formats and opportunities on Snapchat.

“Snap Connect is a way for us to ensure our advertising partners have everything they need to find success on our platform. As DR becomes a bigger part of every business’ advertising and marketing plans, Snap Connect will help them more easily and efficiently drive meaningful ROI on Snapchat. As the Snap Focus platform continues to grow, we will look to expand Snap Connect programming for additional advertising verticals, always with an aim of helping our DR partners drive success and ROI. For example, later this year Snap Connect will be publishing a report on shopping trends and the new normal to help advertisers kick off their 2021 campaigns on the right foot,” commented Dominic Rioux, VP of Sales, Emerging, Snap Inc.

Snap has claimed to invest heavily in DR solutions over the past several years, introducing new formats like Dynamic Ads and new technology like shoppable Augmented Reality Lenses.

Sam Bevan, International Head of Emerging, Snap Inc. said, “Snap Connect is all about showing our advertisers that we care about their DR has driven meaningful returns for businesses of all sizes. As a result, in Q1 we shared that at the time, direct response advertising had nearly doubled as a share of our revenue over the past two years, and represented more than half of our total revenue.”