The Human Capital Centre Of Excellence At The Zubair Corporation Concludes Its 4th HR Forum

The Human Capital Centre of Excellence at The Zubair Corporation recently concluded the 4th edition of the HR (Human Resources) Forum. Led by Sharifa Al Balushi, Group Head – Human Capital Centre of Excellence, the Forum saw the participation of several HR leaders across The Zubair Corporation group of companies and other employees.

Since its inception, the HR Forum has been dedicated to advancing human resources and fostering an appealing work environment. Recognised as a pivotal platform, this Forum plays a crucial role in deliberating on both new and existing human resources management policies. A comprehensive framework has been established to boost efficiency across the Corporation and its diverse sectors.

The Forum underscores its commitment to various strategic goals, emphasising teamwork amongst departments and addressing Quality, Health, safety, and Environment (QHSE) concerns. These initiatives aim to cultivate a secure and conducive work environment for employees across the Corporation and its affiliates. As part of these efforts, Hamad Al Shaibani, Director of Quality, Health, and Environmental Safety at ARA Petroleum, was invited to raise QHSE awareness within group.

Furthermore, the Forum unveiled optimal strategies for incorporating new labour law policies into internal work regulations, safeguarding employees’ rights and advancing empowerment. This effort seeks to elevate awareness and knowledge, empowering employees to comprehend their rights and responsibilities within the workplace. To see this to fruition, a workshop on new labour law policies was held, featuring Mahdi Al Lawati, Managing Partner at Al Lawati Law Firm.

The forum also placed significant stress on the necessity of implementing personal data protection policies and elucidated on methods to strengthen and implement them across the Corporation’s companies in alignment with the Personal Data Protection Law enacted last February. In this context, the ‘Soun’ initiative was introduced, initiated by the Zubair Corporation under the guidance of the Human Capital Centre of Excellence. Soun is dedicated to showcasing best practices employed by the head office and encouraging affiliated companies to proactively adopt and implement these practices.

Within the forum, a dedicated session delved into the myriad challenges encountered by companies and the Digital Transformation team in navigating the newly introduced SAP system. This discussion aimed to facilitate seamless adaptation, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and receptivity to change. As the session concluded, a Q&A session focused on programme enhancements was held.

Speaking on the occasion, Sharifa Al Balushi expressed, “The Human Capital Centre of Excellence is committed to meticulously addressing the human resources needs of the Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries in alignment with its future vision.” She highlighted that the forum was organised to bolster the impact of HR departments by disseminating the fundamental values of the institution, particularly emphasising integrity, and transparency.

Sharifa Al Balushi underscored the significance of continuous learning and professional development, urging employees to collaboratively contribute to fostering positive change and elevating the work ethos at the Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries.

For more than five decades, The Zubair Corporation has been attracting new expertise and innovative practices from around the world to Oman and other markets in which it operates. It remains one of the largest institutions which has contributed to the establishment of infrastructure at the national level, in addition to playing a pivotal role in the Culture, Tourism and Industry sectors. Today, The Zubair Corporation has a diverse portfolio of distinctive companies, strategic business units and joint ventures that are deployed alongside the Sultanate in the Middle East, India, Far East, Europe, USA and Africa markets.