The Most Important Event Dedicated To Entrepreneurs Who Want To Expand Their International Business: IUBCCI UAE

The High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy organized by IUBCCI UAE (International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry United Arab Emirates) will take place in Dubai on October 20, 2021, and will bring together businessmen from around the world, ambassadors, presidents of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, diplomats, government officials, and investment fund representatives.

Under the name “The High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy”, this event will create a unique networking opportunity for business people who want to expand their business internationally and will facilitate connections to help small and medium-sized companies promote themselves, services, and products across borders to emphasize the important role that each plays in the global economy.


IUBCCI UAE is part of the world’s largest non-profit organization of bilateral chambers of commerce and industry and all trade unions, federations or joint business councils in the world. IUBCCI UAE is an international organization that was created to build a unified organization of all these entities to promote a common economic interest worldwide and to develop the opportunities offered by the global economy.


The congress will be attended by ambassadors from 60 countries, presidents of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, diplomats, government officials as well as investment funds, and key business people from around the world. Together they will bring solutions to improve diplomatic relations between countries and to increase global economic stability. Speakers will include ambassadors from 15 countries, presenting development opportunities, needs, and interests in their countries.


“Our goal is to represent the interests of small and medium-sized companies and to highlight the major role they play in the global economy. The High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy is organized to create the perfect opportunity for these business people to come and talk directly with key representatives of the countries where they want to expand and find new business partners. “Says Cristina Ciobanu, Chairman IUBCCI UAE


The congress is part of a complex event lasting 4 days, between October 19 and 23, meant to encourage networking and the creation of business opportunities. Guests will be able to interact directly with the organizations, chambers of commerce, institutions, investment funds, and key people from the entire world present at the event.


All the details of the stay are set up by the organizers as well as the 4-day program. With the exception of the congress day, activities included in the other day’s program include desert safaris, a visit to Expo 2020 – the world’s largest exhibition, and other opportunities to facilitate discussions between guests.