TikTok And INJAZ UAE Deep Dive Into The Future Of Work

TikTok and INJAZ UAE, a member of the world’s largest non-profit business education organization for education and training in workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship across the Arab World, banded together today to explore the future of work. Through insightful workshops and panel discussions, the day-long session delved into shifting workforce trends, emerging industries, and the resounding impact of technology to empower young attendees.

The panel discussion brought together industry experts and thought leaders from TikTok, INJAZ UAE, Dubai Future Foundation for a multifaceted dialogue bridging the gap between NGOs, private organizations, and traditional and digital occupations. Blending data-driven insights and personal experiences, the panel explored a range of pertinent challenges, opportunities, and actionable advice to prepare youth for the jobs of tomorrow.

A series of interactive workshops followed the discussion, turning fresh learnings and insights into action. INJAZ UAE hosted a session on work readiness and skills, which untangled the necessary capabilities for youth to thrive in the future of work. The session included.

Award-winning education influencers and TikTok creator Anas Shattara, better known as Anas Talks, also led a workshop detailing how emerging influencers and digital entrepreneurs can grow their footprint on the video-sharing platform. Using his own experiences and expertise to demonstrate how to grow professional presence on social media, Anas painted a portrait of the mounting impact of social media and its emergence as a potentially lucrative career path. The conversation continued with a second workshop by the TikTok MENA team revealing tips and tricks to grow on TikTok. It covered the latest trends, ways to produce engaging content and how collaboration drives engagement.

Commenting on the partnership, Razan Bashiti, CEO, INJAZ UAE, said, “Economic growth in MENA has been strong, and yet youth unemployment remains a pervasive issue. The changing landscape of work and the emergence of new careers presents unique challenges and opportunities for younger generations. INJAZ UAE is committed to enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs by equipping them with the necessary information, skills, and networks to thrive. With the support of TikTok, we can connect directly with today’s youth and provide them with the guidance to not only participate in a fast-transforming world, but also be among those who lead it.”

Talal Alfayez, Head of Public Policy, TikTok MENAT said, “Following the overwhelming reception to the first phase of our partnership with INJAZ we’re excited for the next chapter in this program. At TikTok, one of our long-term aims has been to educate and empower the region’s youth with workforce readiness and entrepreneurship and help connect the right skills with the new opportunities emerging across the Middle East. Our partnership with INJAZ will strengthen the region’s pivot to a knowledge economy and equip young people to be ready for the future, thereby transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.”

In addition to the workshops that took place, TikTok is offering the community an opportunity to join in on the second phase of the partnership on the platform through the dedicated #TogetherForFutureJobs page where users will be able to find resources to further their skills and learn more about the future job market. Furthermore, the event activities and interactive sessions were live streamed on TikTok, granting platform users the opportunity to virtually experience the occasion and join the fun from home. Content creators were also able to conduct brief interviews with attending experts, extracting valuable insights and advice for their audiences.

Through similar programs and sessions across the UAE, INJAZ continues to empower the youth by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to make smart academic and economic choices. INJAZ UAE has trained over 100,000 students in the UAE since its inception in 2005 in partnership with educators, partners, and volunteers from the business community.