Tumblr Users Spend Longest Time Social Networking

Tumblr engagers/contributors stand out strongly among social networkers that are spending the longest on social media each day, devoting an average of three hours and 14 minutes to social networking and messaging each day. Snapchatters follow relatively closely behind, spending 15 minutes longer on social media than their Instagram counterparts, and a whole hour longer than Facebookers, on average.

The age profile of each network’s user-base is clearly having an impact here. It’s long been known that Tumblr and Snapchat can boast young audiences (over four in 10 Snapchatters are aged 16-24), while Facebook has a much broader age profile. Generally, younger users tend to be the most enthusiastic users of messaging services and are more likely to be networking via mobiles – factors which equate to a greater amount of time being devoted to social media.

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