Vivium Appoints Omar Salameh As New CEO

Vivium, a Single-Family Office established by Elie Khouri to manage a curated portfolio of investments across all asset classes, with keen interest in Real Estate, Design, Technology and Collectibles, announced the appointment of Omar Salameh, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Salameh, who previously served as Vivium’s Managing Director, has been integral to the company’s remarkable growth and success since joining in 2020.

With over 15 years of investment management experience, Salameh has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision, shaping Vivium’s investment philosophy and overseeing the expansion of its business lines. His dedication, expertise, and ability to effectively allocate portfolio assets have been instrumental in driving the single-family office’s performance, positioning it for continued success.

Elie Khouri, Founder of Vivium, said: “Omar’s leadership and vision have been crucial to Vivium’s remarkable growth over the past few years, and I’m confident he will take the company to new heights as our CEO. His innovative strategies and unwavering commitment have consistently driven our success. Omar’s ability to inspire and steer the team has been a key factor in our achievements, and I have no doubt that he will lead us to even greater accomplishments in the future.”

As CEO, Salameh will continue to advance Vivium’s vision, leveraging his extensive background in real estate, venture capital, private equity, and startups to further strengthen the company’s investment strategies.