Watani Al Emarat Foundation Launches Fifth ‘Ambassador Of Emirati National Identity Programme’ To Empower Country’s Youth

Watani Al Emarat Foundation launched the fifth session of the ‘Ambassador of Emirati National Identity programme’ exemplifying its commitment to reinforcing national identity, increasing respect for the constitution and fostering Emirati values and principles. The programme’s activities will be held at the Sharjah Old Cars Club until August 4, 2024. It will include a series of lectures, sessions and workshops presented by a selected team of scholars and experts to empower its 50 young male and female participants.

The programme seeks to leverage the capabilities of young Emiratis to boost their reputation among society members. Its key goal is to strengthen and promote the principles of national belonging, loyalty and good citizenship among the youth while protecting them from any challenges that could pose a threat to their national identity in the present and future. Furthermore, the programme aims to bolster the emotional bond of youth with the land, community and the country’s rich heritage. The programme strives to transform patriotism into daily actions and practices that signify good citizenship, further aiding the youth to make well-informed decisions and reinforce their vital role in accelerating societal improvement.

HE Dherar Belhoul Al Falasi, Executive Director of Watani Al Emarat Foundation, said: “The UAE regards youth as the foundation of the country, and through their steadfast commitment, we can move ahead on the path towards a prosperous future for both present and upcoming generations. At, Watani Al Emarat Foundation, we are pleased to launch the fifth session of the ‘Ambassador of Emirati National Identity programme’, which reflects our dedication to the ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision. This ambitious vision seeks to create an integrated social infrastructure that unlocks the Emirati potential while safeguarding our rich cultural heritage and human values. These efforts align seamlessly with the mission of our foundation to enhance national identify, promote values of good citizenship and empower the Emirati youth. We reaffirm our efforts to launch national initiatives, which support all segments of society, firmly believing that every individual is capable of contributing to the progress and prosperity of our country. We hope that participants of this programme will contribute to attaining the objectives by making meaningful contributions that positively influence our society and support its development.”

The programme covers a wide range of key topics in its lectures, sessions and workshops highlighting the values of national identity. These topics include various aspects such as boosting national reputation, the role of the Federal National Council in reinforcing national identity, the UAE’s global standing in promoting human rights, protecting the UAE flag, Etihad pioneers (visiting the Etihad Museum), safeguarding  Emirati heritage and national identity, documenting the rich national heritage, key role of the Arabic language in shaping national identity, digital citizenship, Emirati values, challenges to national identity and the significance of good citizenship, as well as the UAE’s constitutional history. Through a variety of activities, the programme explores these topics, further nurturing a sense of pride in Emirati identity and highlighting its relevance in the society.

The ‘Ambassador of Emirati National Identity programme’, initiated by  Watani Al Emarat Foundation, emphasises the relevance of developing a sense of belonging, loyalty and legitimate Emirati identity among the country’s youth. The programme focuses on empowering young people, improving their skills and equipping them with the vital knowledge required to instil a culture of good citizenship and conserve the UAE’s rich heritage. By ensuring the active involvement of different academics and specialists, the programme offers the participants a stringent training session. It qualifies them to become ambassadors of the established Emirati identity and role models in catering to the nation and society. The programme exemplifies the commitment of the wise leadership towards investing in the potential of youth and channelling it towards the comprehensive development of the country.