‘Whitehats IT Support’ App To Aid IT Sector Towards New Normal

UAE has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and with the recent flattening of the curve and easing lockdown, an innovation has breathed fresh air into the IT services industry.

Shifting to digital has been imperative these days given that the pandemic has rendered physical workspaces unusable. Whitehats states the launch of the ‘Whitehats IT support’ app with an aim to capitalize on this opportunity by providing end to end solutions for all their clients, whether they are struggling startups or multinational corporations. This will be done through a holistic solution that will enable businesses to be digitally competitive and agile in the new work era that is coming up.

“We aim to strengthen the connection with our customers through prompt delivery of remote IT support. We want to ensure that your IT infrastructure is the least of your worries as your business stabilizes during this economic slowdown. The ‘Whitehats IT support’ app is the first solution in the UAE market that provides the convenience of setting up both a business and a personal profile. Custom service packages, wide choice of service representatives and live tracking of service engineers are customer favorites. From generating a service request to problem resolution, we ensure maximum transparency for our clients.” explained Rizwan Sabir, General Manager at Whitehats.

Key app features include:
• Social media integrated login
• Flexible service bookings with postponement/cancellation period
• Live service staff tracking
• Helpdesk and Feedback for instant queries and reviews
• Simultaneous Personal and Business account support
• Discounts on popular Office 365 and G-Suite packages
• UI optimized for few taps and speedy service delivery

“As a first of its kind, this app will drive the UAE IT sector towards the ‘new normal’. We believe that this is the beginning of an easily monitored virtual work network. There will be a sharp decline in physical workforce needed as we move forward,” concluded Mr Sabir.