12 Pencils To MENA Agencies At D&AD 2017

The 55th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place on April 27, 2017 in London, where agencies from the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region won 12 Pencils in all.

The three Omnicom creative agencies – Impact BBDO, DDB & TBWA\Raad and TBWA\Istanbul have won the lion’s share of these wins. FP7/Cai too has brought home two Pencils.

MENA agencies did not win any Black Pencils or Yellow Pencils, which are among the highest honors of the awards, but did win two Graphite Pencils and 10 Wood Pencils.

The UAE ranked at the 20th position among the top awarded countries; Egypt ranked at number 27.

D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay commented, “What unites the winners is a clear desire to create a better world, whether it’s promoting diversity, safety or inclusivity. Proof that creativity as a force for good lives outside of a single category but has become an all-encompassing theme. For the first time ever, the United States is the country taking home the most number of Pencils. The top of the country rankings comprises countries from across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, reminding us that D&AD is a truly global organization, encouraging and awarding talent from around the world.”

The complete list of winners from the region are:

Outdoor AdvertisingKol Nokta BtefrekLaw Andak DamImpact BBDO DubaiUAEGraphite Pencil
Crafts for AdvertisingMaking Sense of DyslexiaSydlexiaImpact BBDO DubaiUAEWood Pencil
Writing for AdvertisingFlowersVisaImpact BBDO DubaiUAEWood Pencil
Writing for AdvertisingPerfumeVisaImpact BBDO DubaiUAEWood Pencil
Film Advertising CraftsThe Line-up SongCoca ColaFP7/CaiEgyptGraphite Pencil
Film Advertising CraftsThe Line-up SongCoca-ColaFP7/CaiEgyptWood Pencil
Outdoor AdvertisingFINDING HERUN Women EgyptDDB DubaiUAEWood Pencil
Crafts for AdvertisingLove At First Wash - Date NightHenkelDDB DubaiUAEWood Pencil
DirectOne-Drop BottleTBWA\RaadTBWA\RaadUAEWood Pencil
MediaChampions' HijackGo SportTBWA\RaadUAEWood Pencil
Film AdvertisingGay TurtleAmnesty InternationalTBWA\IstanbulTurkeyWood Pencil
Crafts for AdvertisingBe SeenThe CartelY&R DubaiUAEWood Pencil

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