‘Advert on Click’ Introduces Online Platform For Advertising Mkt

‘Advert on Click’ launched its online platform, a digital advertising market that offers information and data on advertising media space across the globe allowing users to compare prices and reserve advert spaces in a few minutes and clicks.

During this phase, ‘Advert on Click’ will open doors for the registration of media outlets on the platform. Publishers should upload their data before operations start in September 2020. A marketing stage is planned to promote the platform and the services to advertisers along with the data and advertising spaces included.

‘Advert on Click’ is designed and developed to allow all media and advertising space providers to display their data and their advertising spaces easily. The platform covers newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio stations, OoH locations, websites’ ads, sale points at public utilities, means of transportation adverts as well as direct marketing tools such as short text messages and emails.

“Through ‘Advert on Click’, a huge digital market has been developed that will enhance the advertising industry worldwide and open new horizons for media and advertising means through global outreach,” said Fahd Aldeeb, Founder and CEO of ‘Advert on Click’ adding, “We look forward to building bridges between advertisers and advertising agencies on the one hand, and advertising means on the other hand while ensuring mutual benefit for all parties. ‘Advert on Click’ will act as an unbiased advertising facilitator besides being a digital market that will open its doors to all media, advertisers and advertising agencies. Furthermore, it will work to provide the market with reports and data on the advertising market based on reliable and professional sources.”

He noted, “Advertising is one of the vital sectors that has witnessed annual growth of no less than 4% since 2010 due to the strong link between the media and all other sectors, the growing need for the media to serve the economic, social, sports, cultural and other domains, and the increasing investments in the digital media and digital content spheres.”

‘Statista’ has shown that global spending on advertising stood at about $563 billion in 2019, of which digital ads accounted for around $333 billion and is expected to go up to about $517 billion in 2023.