Anghami, DMS To Hold Digital ‘Audio Day’

Music streaming company in the MENA region, Anghami, is going to hold a digital ‘Audio Day’ conference in the region, organised with the support of its exclusive media representative Digital Media Services (DMS).

Over 250 regional leaders from the media industry will convene in Dubai this year to take part in the event. The conference will take place at the Media One hotel on September 11th and will discuss the latest trends in the technology, digital and advertising sectors. Hosting top international and regional speakers, the first digital ‘Audio Day’ in MENA will address the latest innovations in the digital audio space, its rapid growth, profound impact and powerful value as an advertising medium.

Experts will discuss how brand marketers are using the power of audio to connect with audiences, and how digital delivery is offering greater choice, control and customisation to listeners. The latest global trends in audio marketing will also be featured at the event to demonstrate how these are creating highly personal and exclusive advertising experiences for brand alignment.

Elie Abou Saleh, Commercial Director at Anghami will chair the event which will also be addressed by Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video Centers, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an independent body which aims at empowering the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. The conference will also host world-renowned neuroscientist from New York University (NYU), Dr. Amy Belfi, who will be sharing with the delegates some of the findings of her in-depth research into the power of audio and its impact on the brain.

“Digital audio has become a powerful tool that is mobile and personalised. Digital audio generated US$1.1 billion in advertising revenue in the US last year, with mobile accounting for an overwhelming 81% of digital audio ad dollars, according to a new report by Interactive Advertising Bureau and PWC on 2016 digital media ad revenue. Delivered in a music environment, the use of audio ads is undergoing a renaissance as marketers are taking advantage of digital offerings that provide listeners with greater choice, control and customisation of their experience. Digital audio will only move in an upward trajectory and we plan on leading this growth,” said Mr Saleh.

Commenting on the immense potential of digital audio in marketing, DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun, said, “At the forefront of digital innovation, DMS’ commitment to broadening the scope and horizon for the region’s digital media industry is focused on delivering not only breakthrough products and services, but also the best in global insights and perspectives. We are firm believers in educating the market on developments, trends and research, which digital marketers can benefit from.”

“Leveraging the inherent power of music and advanced targeting capabilities, Anghami’s premium environment and proven success across regional markets enable brands to firstly create a personal connection with their target audiences and then, cement that bond with a highly rational association. The platform uniquely excels at serving digital advertising within the right context, at the right time and most importantly, when users are in the right mood. We are really looking forward to sharing more on what Anghami can deliver to our advertising partners at this upcoming event,” Mr Malkoun added.

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