Audience Behavior On Twitter This Ramadan

Ramadan was always a busy period for social media platforms as consumers take to it for entertainment and information. In COVID-19, the trend perhaps has gone a notch up. Some user behavior on Twitter shows that consumers are still engaging on TV series, resulting in an increase on social activities post iftaar. Celebrities are also doing more and online content creators may just have to work harder to shine across.

Third week of Ramadan (May 9 to 15)

Peak in conversation
Saudi Arabia:
People Tweeted most on Mondays
People Tweeted most at 12am local time
People Tweeted most on Tuesdays
People Tweeted most at 9pm local time
People Tweeted most on Mondays

Top Ramadan series related topics
#البرنس (Al-Prince)
#مخرج_7 (Makhraj 7)
#خيانة_عهد (Khiyanit Ahid)
#رامز_مجنون_رسمي (Ramez Majnun Rasmi)
#الاختيار (Al Ekhteyar)
#ام_هارون (Umm Harun)
#فلانتينو (Valentino)
#الفتوة (Al Futowa)

Most active celebrities on Twitter
Egyptian actor,@ AsserYassin
Lebanese singer & actress, @CyrineAbdlNour
Egyptian actor, @AmirKarara
Lebanese actress, @nadinenjeim
Egyptian actor, @AhmedSalahhosny
Kuwaiti actress, @Haya_abdulsalam
Egyptian actress, @MaiOmar
Egyptian actress, @maikassab
Lebanese singer & actress, @RazanElMoghrabi

Notable Tweet:
A Tweet by Omani content creator about the series قلبي اطمأن (Qalby Etmaan):