Chevrolet Reminds Saudi Women Also Have The Right Not To Drive

Following the historic driving ban lift decree in Saudi Arabia, Chevrolet pays a tribute to the women of the Kingdom reminding that the right to drive still means it is up to the women on when they want to drive.

The #UpToMe campaign for KSA, through an emotional short video involving Saudi Women, Chevrolet says that the real milestone is that women can now decide to either get behind the wheel or not.

“Engrained in the Saudi community for over 90 years now, Chevrolet has been a constant companion providing dependable means of transport to both men and women in the Saudi Kingdom. We are extremely proud of that heritage and greeted His Majesty’s announcement last year with optimism,” said Molly Peck, Chief Marketing Officer at General Motors Middle East.

She explained that #UpToMe recognizes Saudi women’s new-found possibility to decide, and it emphasizes that from this June onwards, it’s up to them.

The #UpToMe short video features real Saudi women answering one question ‘Will you drive come June 2018?’ Their answers underline a powerful choice of words that express their own decision.


Brand: Chevrolet
Agency: Commonwealth McCann
Production House: Stoked
Director: Cherine Khoury
Executive Producer: Rita El Hachem
Producer: Mayysa Al Azem
Post Producer: JihaneGhostineFarhat
Agency Producer: John Hassan
Creative Director: Andrej Arsenijevic
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Siebert
Associate Creative Director: Tamer Elsawy
Arabic Copywriter: NajlaAlolayan
Arabic Copywriter: Abdul Kader Asfari
Designers: Mihailo Rsumovic, Omar Al Dahneh, Sari Awada
Social Media Strategist: Shaymaa Abuqoota
General Manager: Ian Halley
Business Director: Joe Zoghbi
Planning Director: Marko Radzic
Digital Director: Jody Leon
Head of Project Management: Vladimir Karmelic

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