Consumer Satisfaction On The Rise In UAE

Companies in the UAE are taking care of their customers. Service Hero, a consumer powered customer satisfaction index, revealed that satisfaction in the UAE is rising with almost 2 points growth from last annual results. This comes as the company released the results of its six months ‘Customer Satisfaction Index’, which scored a total of 77.7 satisfaction rate.

The increase occurs as data shows a strong improvement in some sectors, where home furniture topped the list with an 83.7 satisfaction score out of 100 maximum points, while mobile operators stayed at the bottom with a poor 64.6 satisfaction score, followed by retails banks with 71.2 scoring out of 100 points. Other industries that performed well were electronics, supermarkets and casual dining.

“Service Hero is designed to offer affordable tools to observe, document and measure satisfying internal and external customer needs so that companies can identify priorities, set standards and execute plans for sustainable performance improvement. The UAE market offers each consumer an array of choices, and as customers express their demands and needs this will ultimately help build longstanding relationships of value that transcend people’s lives to a better place,” said Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, President and Founder, Service Hero.

The mid-year report also noticed that some sectors have witnessed a notable increase in customer satisfaction, notably Islamic Banks with 5.5 points, followed by Home Furniture with 4.5 and Supermarkets with 3.8 points, whereas Mobile Operators have decreased by 0.9 points.

In line with last year’s results, the index shows that customer expectations and satisfactions towards the services they received is related to how sophisticated those customers are. “Customers vary in both their expectations and satisfaction of the service they receive. The more exposed and sophisticated a customer is, the more likely they will be intolerant of poor service, and the harder it is to please them. Companies need to understand the expectations and satisfaction levels of all their customer segments in order to better satisfy them,” explained Mr Abu-Ghazaleh.

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