Daily By Talabat Is Now Talabat Mart

Daily by talabat has rebranded to talabat mart. The rebrand takes place as talabat mart, first launched in Kuwait late last year and in Dubai late February, continues to expand rapidly, offering communities an unparalleled alternative to traditional grocery shopping, an online grocery experience based on safety, affordability, variety and speed.

To support as many local communities as possible throughout the COVID-19 period with grocery delivery, talabat mart has widened its delivery area, allocated extra riders and increased its grocery capacity to 24 hours a day, including free delivery on all orders.

“The success of talabat mart so far has been beyond expectations, when we started the only quick commerce concept in the MENA region, it was vital to build up customer trust and confidence towards an alternative method of grocery shopping. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we made it our top priority to instill customer confidence that talabat mart is one of the safest, if not the safest way to order groceries, and also to double down our efforts and invest in growth, expanding our delivery radius to provide a greater benefit for the broader community,” noted Wassim Makarem, Vice President Dark Stores at talabat.

“Talabat mart’s uninterrupted level of high service boosted customer confidence and trust. Our customers were getting their products in the quickest and most convenient way possible, during a period where alternative grocery delivery solutions would take up to 10 days. This remarkably increased customer trust and confidence, which in turn, significantly increased adoption rates. This is still the start of our journey, as this business sector holds enormous potential,” he added.

As the first delivery, q-commerce store in the region talabat mart asserts to offer communities fresh produce, fruit, meat, bread and grains to baking supplies, treats, as well as cleaning materials, safety equipment, bathroom and personal hygiene supplies and everything in between.

Orders are picked at the different talabat mart stores spread across each city. These stores or local warehouses are essentially supermarkets without shop fronts. They are highly automated and use data science for optimizing items offering an amazing customer experience, speed and affordability. Keeping in mind that safety remains the top priority in the community, talabat says to make sure that all staff who are picking groceries at the warehouse, as well as our riders wear masks, gloves and use sanitizers as well as have their temperature checked and fully disinfect and sanitize stores regularly.