Reyadah Program Exceeds 100 Enterprises

Ajman Department of Economic Development (DED-Ajman) revealed that the number of the enterprises affiliated with ‘Reyadah’ household licensing program has exceeded more than 100 enterprises since launching the program last March. The most popular enterprises were the enterprises for perfume mixing and filling, the preparation of traditional sweets and women care & beauty centers.

“Reyadah program was launched in the ‘Year of Preparing for the Next 50 Years’ of the UAE in order to encourage citizens to undertake commercial and professional activity and seek excellence in leadership and free businesses. The main feature of this program is the licensing of the economic activities that are permitted to be undertaken from home for those UAE citizens who are living in the Emirate of Ajman, with an exemption of all local fees for a duration of three years from the license issuance date. Furthermore, the list of the economic activities of the program are available on the department’s website, whereas some types of economic activities that are not included in such list are subject to a study and an assessment after filing the application for the approval. Emirate of Ajman is keen for the instilment and sustainability of an economic environment that is attractive to investment and supportive to the business sector. Reyadah program is an important step in supporting the establishment of businesses and the enhancement of the citizens’ contribution to economic activity,” stated Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, the Director of the Department of Planning & Business Development.

“Reyadah program is the first program of its type in the Emirate to serve the categories of businessmen and businesswomen for undertaking commercial activity from home, in order to increase the citizens’ contribution to economic development. All the enterprises that are affiliated with Reyadah program are enjoying the department’s support by means of automatic membership in the small and medium enterprises and entities program ‘Taazez’, which, in role supports business pioneers and entrepreneurs by the provision of economic consultations and feasibility studies and the organization of training workshops over the year, along with undertaking various promotional and marketing initiatives,” said Aisha Kajour Al Nuaimi, the Director of SME Development Section.

“The service is available on the department’s website and smart application (ajmanded), as well as being available at the service centers of Al Hajes Center, Tawasul Center, the Information Center, and EQC Center, in addition to the department’s offices in Masfoot and Al-Manama. Household licenses are issued in the legal form of a ‘sole proprietorship’ and they require for the issuance thereof that the premises of the business shall be located in the Emirate of Ajman, while the license owner shall have the capacity of an owner, a lessee, or a person who is living with one of his/her relatives of the first degree. Furthermore, the premises of the business shall meet the conditions of public health and safety, along with adherence to civilizational appearance and to not cause harm to neighbors and others. Only one license will be issued for a license applicant. Licenses that are procured through ‘Reyadah’ program are not permitted to procure work permits, in order to encourage license owners to undertake the activity directly,” she added.