Data Point: 27% MEA Onliners Are Mobile-Only

The digital lives of internet users in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region revolve around smartphones. According to a Global Web Index report on the region, three in 10 digital consumers in MEA are truly mobile-only.

While the clear majority across the region remains multi-device users, it’s 27 percent who say they only own a smartphone and don’t go online on any other device. Nigeria leads the way here, with 40 percent now mobile-only in this country, but even where the figures are lowest, in South Africa, it’s one in 10 that are completely reliant on their mobile.

All this means that the MEA presents a special case for brands and marketers. In all other regions, widespread multi-device usage means that although a mobile-first strategy is certainly key, all devices need to be taken into account. But MEA is a region where we can truly talk about mobile-only strategies that can be impactful.

The increasing affordability and functionality of smartphones implies that it is unlikely to see ownership rates of other devices in MEA rise in the future. It is hence clear that the smartphone will be at the forefront of any discussions of digital strategy in MEA.

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