Data Point: Digital Consumers Average 16 Activities Via Mobile

The migration of online activities from PCs and laptops to mobiles is a much-discussed trend but Global Web Index long-term and granular data has quantified the process exactly. Internet users are completing a broader range of online activities on mobile than they are on computers.

At the start of 2016, digital consumers were averaging about 19 distinct online activities on PCs and laptops, more than they were completing on their mobiles. Fast-forward to Q1 2017 and mobiles have overtaken computers with the average internet user completing 16 distinct online activities on their mobiles versus 13 on computers.

This is yet another indication of the rise of the smartphone but it’s also clear that we are yet to enter a mobile-only landscape – the number of online activities being carried out on computers is still substantial and, in fact, most internet users are comfortable completing activities across numerous different devices.

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