Data Point: Search & TV Ads Critical To Reach Food Shoppers

Just over half of internet users say they are responsible for their household food shop. For brands hoping to reach these main food shoppers, Global Web Index data confirms the continued importance of the traditional touch points.

Despite the wealth of digital channels now available to marketers, search engines continue to have a hugely important role to play at the start of the purchase journey. Around 43 percent of main food shoppers discover new brands or products this way, making them the most common discovery point.

In a similar vein, there is no doubting the power of a traditional TV ad to reach these shoppers – over 40 percent say they discover brands through TV ads with figures reaching even higher among 55-64s (the biggest watchers of broadcast TV). Although there is a decent 30 percent who find new brands via online ads, that still puts them 10-points behind these traditional channels.

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