Data Point: Tablet Ownership Rates Falling

Tablet fatigue is a trend that Global Web Index has been tracking for some years now and, recent data from the company shows that it’s clear that internet users are not only failing to purchase new tablets, but that many existing tablet users are choosing not to upgrade their devices.

Back in 2014, it was almost half of digital consumers who said they personally owned a tablet. Fast forward to 2016 and those figures have dropped to 42 percent. Across the same period, usage of tablets dropped across a range of metrics, giving a strong indication that many users are reaching for their devices less frequently and are choosing not to upgrade or replace them.

One obvious reason why tablets have struggled to convince their owners that they are essential devices is the rise of smartphones, which continue to offer ever more complex functionalities and, crucially, larger and screens. Over the same period that tablet ownership has declined, smartphones have seen clear growth.

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