DHL Encourages MENA Ecommerce Players To Eye Global

DHL Express has embarked on a marketing campaign ‘Where Everything Clicks’ in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Going a step forward, the aim is to guide online merchants to navigate and access the global ecommerce marketplace. DHL Express aims for the campaign to reach companies ranging from startups to large enterprises, advising merchants on how to optimize their websites for international sales and to create a competitive advantage through special shipping options.

“MENA is witnessing rapid growth and change in ecommerce trends. Cross border ecommerce presents strong, untapped growth opportunities for businesses in the region. With the proliferation of online trade, a product in one corner of the world is now accessible to customers at the opposite end. This has allowed online merchants to access markets and customers from around the globe,” said Nour Suliman, CEO MENA, DHL Express.

DHL’s campaign is based on insights from online shoppers who purchase through international websites. The campaign reveals purchasing habits of online shoppers, including delivery preferences, and shows merchants how to use this information to increase sales. DHL has supported this with how-to videos, whitepapers, customer insights and trend videos that inform merchants and business about evolving consumer behavior.

“We recognize that our customers’ success is closely tied to their buyers’ satisfaction with the delivery experience and the delivery options offered. With ‘Where Everything Clicks’ campaign we want to showcase to business across KSA how an international express shipping option can increase ecommerce value helping merchants boost revenue and tap into new markets,” commented Faysal Elhajjami, DHL Express MD, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A 2017 study anticipated MENA consumers to import consumer products bought online, almost 50 percent of purchases, showcasing the rise in cross-border shopping that is driving international retail trade. The survey also revealed ‘Enhanced Delivery Options’ as one of the key company attributes that contribute to deciding where shoppers choose to buy online.

“Global cross border ecommerce is growing at a remarkable pace, and even more so in the UAE. We aim to support local ecommerce startups by providing them with tailormade solutions that will allow them to easily address potential global consumers, therefore improving their ecommerce proposition within the current market. The ‘Where Everything Clicks’ campaign highlights how an international express shipping option can increase ecommerce value helping merchants boost revenue and tap into new markets,” added Geoff Walsh, UAE Country Manager, DHL Express.

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