Dubai Fights Pandemic With Pioneering Skills

Dubai has been at the forefront of the global fight from autonomous machines, to disinfectant drones and developing apparatus that will facilitate the world’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the city’s innovation led response in medicine, mobile technology and sanitization.

Euronews, spoke to scientists at Dubai’s Future Foundation about the life saving ventilator technology they are developing, as well as Advanced Media who are responsible for the UAE’s drone disinfection program and Guard Sanitization Gate about the smart turnstile technology they have developed.

“In February/March, the whole world had less than one hundred thousand ventilators, and it was clear that we needed to see how we could help. We are aiming to ensure that we produce a ventilator that could be accessible and that has all the features of a fully-fledged ventilator. That means, it will give the doctor the control that they need when it comes to the volume of air that goes into the patient, or the pressure that the patients need. A toddler would need very different pressure from an adult and the amount of oxygen that they receive from these ventilators. Right now, we are at the prototyping phase and have around four that we are testing currently internally. But in the future, we’re looking at producing them in the hundreds,” explained Khalifa Al Qama, Head of Dubai future Labs, Dubai Future Foundation.

Guard Sanitization Gate has said to develop a smart turnstile that can instantly take temperatures and envelope passers-by in a disinfected fog about the new normal when it comes to people being allowed back in public spaces.

Husam Zammar, co-founder of Guard Sanitization Gate said, “In the next two or three months you will find out that if they didn’t check your temperature, there is some problem in this building or that is some problem in this organization.”