Emirates NBD Promotes Life Insurance With A Difference

To help people realize the importance of life insurance and provide them with its life insurance solutions, Emirates NBD, with its latest video, made people stop and think about life when they are not around.

The online film was launched last month in the UAE and carried on social media channels. FP7/DXB, part of McCann Worldgroup is the media planning and digital agency behind the campaign. The video’s purpose was to make people stop and think about what they mean to the ones they love (and the ones who love them) and to ponder about life without them.

According to the agency, “the integrated campaign (with other direct and owned media channels) is turning out to be the most watched and shared campaign on life insurance in the region (with over 1.3 million views and counting).”

Life Insurance is a potentially profitable product for any bank. Most of the time, it is communicated through print ads, which most of the time misses out driving change in behaviour. Emirates NBD took the opportunity to make people realize the need for life insurance through its video that not spoke on the product benefits but spoke about why people’s lives matters and hence, are worth insuring, creating the emotional connect.

While the video’s objective is to create visibility about the topic of life insurance in an insightful and relatable manner for people, other channels that will go live will perform different objectives – such as hard-selling or contextual reminders or simply some useful educational content.

According to the agency, “the high point about the campaign is that it features real people and hence, the family’s surprises and little nuances become endearing and emotional. The experience felt real for both the participants as well as the audiences watching the video. Nothing was scripted at our end, nor were they actors. It was tough to get it right in one take; but we pulled it off!”

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