Emirates NBD’s AC Vests For Laborers To Beat The Heat

With mercury levels continuing to soar across the United Arab Emirates, there is very little that anyone can do to find respite from the scorching heat. While some have alternatives, the case is not the same for many laborers in the region. Every day, there are many laborers who work during the blazing summer heat.

During Ramadan 2016, since the weather conditions around them could not be changed, Emirates NBD along with creative agency FP7/DXB and media agency MediaVest Spark enabled the laborers to take those weather conditions on and beat the heat this summer by introducing ‘The A/C Vests’.

The A/C Vests are unique vests specially made with submersible materials, different from the typical safety vests that laborers wear during the summer heat. With cooling mechanisms and refrigeration facilities being virtually non-existent on construction sites, these A/C vests function based on using something that’s easily available across all camps: Water.

All that needs to be done is to submerge the vests in water. And once the laborers put them on, within minutes they start to feel the effect of the jacket as it reduces the temperature by 5 to 7 degrees.

100s of these specially made vests were given to workers in Ramadan this year, with many more on the way as the bank’s Business Banking unit is reaching out to business owners across the country within the construction industry, with the video and the idea as direct marketing tools, to encourage implementation of ‘The A/C Vests’ across their workforce across sites and camps during the summer months.

Interested business owners or entrepreneurs are also encouraged to write to Emirates NBD if they’d like to help scale this idea further at businessbanking@emiratesnbd.com.

Client: Emirates NBD
Mai Cheblak, Associate Vice President, Group Media
Sapna Kalati, Manager, Group Media

Agencies: FP7/DXB and MediaVest Spark
Tahaab Rais, Regional Head of Strategic Planning & Creative Strategy, FP7/MENA
Spiro Malak, General Manager – Business Unit, FP7/DXB
Vicky Kriplani, Account Director & Production, FP7/DXB
Sameer Islam, Senior Strategic Planner, FP7/DXB
Layan El Hafi, Account Manager, FP7/DXB
Erna Redzepagic, Senior Account Executive, FP7/DXB
Sameer Ketkar, Senior Designer, FP7/DXB
Pauline Rady, Media Director, MediaVest Spark
Milad Samia, Senior Media Manager, MediaVest Spark
Oliver Mathews, Media Manager & Execution, MediaVest Spark
Ashraf Muhammadunny, DOP, Cameraman, Editor, Motion Artist

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