Events & Digital Mktg Agency Vous Launches In UAE

Events and digital marketing company Vous has launched in Dubai. The agency says it will focus on concepts that reflect a brand’s “individuality and connect with consumers on a more personal level”.

Named after the French word for you, Vous is founded by Tamara Malhis, and led with fellow entrepreneur Jennifer Langen, to deliver events and digital marketing strategies with originality at their core.

“After studying and working in different cities around the world, we are big believers in the power of personalization to make any event, piece of communication or concept stand out,” commented Ms Malhis.

She pointed that while it is often said that the events industry is increasingly becoming challenged by budget constraints, it is also true that people’s expectations are changing.

She added, “It’s about finding new ways to create deeper, more personal value. There will always be a demand for truly engaging experiences, and we’re excited about developing innovative executions in such a diverse environment as Dubai.”

“Dubai has long been a hub for events, and this is the time to make an impact. Changing circumstances and the desire to be different mean fewer events are designed for ‘show’ and clients are looking for more authentic interactions that create a lasting impression. Whether it’s a large corporate event or a private dinner, it’s about uncovering the brand or an individual’s personality and finding new ways of expressing it,” added Ms Langen

At its launch event, held at Vida Emirates Hills, a series of four art installations depicted the company’s services and ethos. The team worked with Iraqi artist AlHamza AlSadr to create the digital marketing installation that examines how human connection is evolving.