Gen Z Spends Over 4 Hrs Daily Online Via Mobile

With Gen Zers the first generation to be raised in the highly-connected smartphone-centric era, this device has become absolutely central to the lifestyle of these users. Mobile now accounts for 52 percent of their daily online time – with an average of 4 hours and 10 minutes spent connected via this device. This generation is the first to pass the tipping point, now spending longer each day online via their mobiles than all other devices combined.

In contrast, Millennials continue to be more likely to reach for more ‘traditional’ devices for their online behaviors, spending just over 4 hours daily online via PCs/laptops/tablets – 15 minutes more than they spend on mobiles. But as more and more online behaviors migrate to smartphones, it’s unlikely to be too long before this next generation pass the mobile tipping point too.

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