More Than Half Of FTA Arab Channels Have Online Presence

More than half of FTA Arab Satellite channels have an online presence. The statistics of 53.8 percent (442 channels) was revealed by the Arab Advisors Group’s ‘Online Presence of FTA Satellite Channels in the Arab World 2016’.

During September and October 2016, the Arab Advisors Group examined 821 fully operational FTA satellite TV channels targeting the Arab World, to research their online presence.

With the increasing adoption of internet in the Arab World, many channels in the Arab TV industry have established an online presence. The Arab Advisors Group analysis revealed that the majority of channels with an online presence have enhanced portals that include a wide range of advanced interactive services, such as: online advertising, forums, online shopping, search engines, etc.

“The results show that a majority of the 430 channels that have online presence lean more towards an enhanced online presence. Furthermore, 31.7 percent of channels with an online presence generate online revenues from their supporting online presence through methods that include online advertisement and online shopping, among others,” said Hiba Al Atiyat, Arab Advisors Senior Research Analyst.

“Almost 68.1% of the satellite channels have online presence for promotional purposes only and do not aim at generating online revenues. 31% of the channels that have online revenue generating features have an enhanced online presence.” Ms. Atiyat added.

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