In-House Creative On One Club’s Radar

The One Club for Creativity to hold its first WITHIN: The In-House Creative Conference, streaming live March 30 to April 1, 2021 with three 45 minute sessions, including discussion and Q&A.

The new conference addresses a void in the market for a forum to examine issues specific to in-house creative teams and cultures. The event is targeted at the universe of in-house creatives’, including department and group heads, creative directors, art directors, copywriters and designers.

Companies have long relied on in-house creative teams to conceive and collaborate on how a brand appears in the marketplace. From the color of product packaging to casting of a web series, the influence of in-house creative teams is on the rise and reflected in store shelf success and industry award recognition. Confirmed speakers so far will present under the conference theme ‘Culture, Capabilities and Teams’, explains the agency.

“But outward success can only come from internal efficiency, agility, innovation and excellence. We developed WITHIN to be a unique online conference aimed squarely at the inner dynamics of the very best in-house creative departments, with sessions by some of the most acclaimed brand and marketing leaders. It will be an inside look at the cultures behind the teams who build, maintain and grow a brand’s presence in the market,” stated Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club.

WITHIN: The In-House Creative Conference is the initiative from The One Club that claims to support the brand side creative community.