Infiniti Creates New Age Digital Experience For Consumers

Digital will now play a fundamental role in your car buying journey at Arabian Automobiles, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.

As consumers change their buying habits in today’s era, INFINITI has enhanced its digital channels, to drive an even more efficient and impactful customer experience. Its new age digital services are aimed at delivering a seamless and convenient online experience to browse and test drive before deciding on that important purchase, with a focus on customers throughout the journey.

The new digital services available currently include a 360 degree virtual showroom, car configurator, live video sales calls and the test drive anywhere features. The latest digital additions are a space age alternative to the traditional ‘see-it, buy-it’ approach.

Digitizing the customer journey right from the moment they think of INFINITI to the moment they own and drive one, the services allow customers to visit the showroom, configure their new ride, have their questions answered on live video calls and finally ask for a test drive all with just a few clicks, from the comfort of their home.

Your journey at INFINITI’s new digital platform starts with a 360-degree virtual tour where you can browse the different brands and check out all the features. You can choose the model you like the most and start the second phase of the journey by customizing your car, selecting colors, finalizing the exterior and interiors and highlighting the specifications and features of your taste.

Once you are satisfied with the virtual look and feel of your new buy, you can go on to the third phase of the journey and speak to the sales team members on video calls. If you’ve got questions about the selected model, help is at hand with this feature allowing you to speak to team members who can then talk you through the entire process. The fourth phase takes you to the test drive ‘anywhere’ feature, enabling you to request a test drive in a fully sanitized car that will be sent to your home at a time of your convenience.

Digitization of the purchase journey using some of the most hyped tech-trends is not the only thing that the new digital services aim to achieve. Shifting gears to a digital route also means that INFINITI is able to bring products to life, narrow down the gap between brochures and the showroom and allow users to get a feel for the car before committing to an actual purchase or even before they opt for a test drive. It seeks to create a way for consumers to meaningfully engage and interact with the brand.

This exemplary stride in digitization is bound to change the way car buying has been perceived in the UAE and make Arabian Automobiles a pioneer of the new-age automobile purchase experience.