JGroup, FoxPush Partnership Eye Arabic DSP

JGroup together with Dubai based FoxPush launched the Arabic performance based Demand-side Platform (DSP). This launch represents the second phase of the partnership between JGroup and FoxPush which centers on unlocking endless possibilities for advertisers, media agencies and brands while creating a strong global footprint within the digital advertising industry.

As the first Arabic DSP in the market, the solution assures to include Cost per Action (CPA) and Cost per Lead (CPL) buying models to cater to the length and breadth of unique and targeted requirements of the brands, advertisers and media buying agencies. The DSP offers programmatic direct buy solutions to customers and is linked to premium publishers across GCC as well as to over 50 prominent Supply-side Platforms (SSPs) worldwide.

DSP is a software solution used by advertisers and media buying agencies to efficiently purchase videos, mobile, display and search ads in an automated fashion. JGroup and FoxPush claim to amplify the performance level of a DSP, especially to target and capture the mind space of Arabic audiences.

“Digital consumers are swiftly changing the dynamics of advertising across the globe. Advertisers, media buying agencies and brands are expected to interact with digital consumers at every touch point to ensure they secure top of mind brand recall. With the world’s first Arabic DSP, we enable a brand to achieve this part of the customer journey with ease, especially when they want to focus on Arabic speaking audience. The launch of the first Arabic DSP in the world is a milestone achievement not only for us, but for the whole advertising industry. It helps, supports and motivates all of us to broaden our offerings to the Arabic speaking demographic and elevate the engagement level of digital advertising,” stated Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup.

Recently, JGroup stated an investment of USD 15 million in FoxPush which launched a programmatic performance technology platform that delivers qualified leads to brands with an aim to increase the performance of their website and the efficiency of their targeted digital campaigns.

Ahmed Elsayed, Co-Founder, and COO at FoxPush noted, “Launching the first Arabic DSP in the world is a moment of pride for us at FoxPush. It is a game changing solution that is engineered to cater to the Arabic audience and truly focuses on their needs and demands. There are over 420 million Arabic speaking people in the world and our Arabic DSP will enable brands and advertisers to help reach out to this wide demographic through the power of mobile, video and display. The solution has the capabilities to drive the wave of transformation forward within the digital advertising industry.”

Advertisers, brands and media buying agencies will be able to access the new DSP from Jan 2021, however, JGroup and FoxPush are open to creating accounts for selected brands or advertisers.