Luxury Brands Celebrate National Day With Patriotic Editions

National Day

International and local luxury brands in the Middle East celebrated the UAE National Day festivities by launching limited editions of their brands featuring the four colored flag in one way or the other. The customized products either carried the National flag or merged with the intricate designs of the brands.


Cruciani C rolled out a new National Day bracelet in its boutiques across the emirate of Dubai. The bracelet incorporated the four colors of the national flag.

Cruciani C bracelet


Popular Jewelry brand Swarovski launched red, white, green and black slakes which can be used as a bracelet, necklace or even a headband. Local perfume brand Ajmal showcased a set of four fragrances called ‘Watani’ in four bottles in the flag colors.



Sunglasses brand Italia Independent launched a limited pair of goggles which displayed the Dubai skyline on its bands.




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