Nissan Saudi Arabia Leverages Twitter To Mark Formula E’s ME Debut

Nissan Saudi Arabia participated in racing series ABB FIA Formula E Championship’s Middle East debut in Ad Diriyah, Riyadh for the 2018-19 opening round on December 15. With the objective to own the moment of Formula E with the new Nissan team to the audience of Saudi Arabia, Nissan Saudi Arabia (@NissanSaudi) launched a multi-phase campaign on Twitter:

• Phase 1: Tease & Educate
To pique curiosity around Formula E and build hype around the first race in December, @NissanSaudi ran Sponsored Moments with automotive publisher partner, Promoted Gifs, and sustained ongoing interaction with its audience through Twitter media polls.

Sponsored Moment:

Promoted GIF:

• Phase 2: Launch
For the launch phase, @NissanSaudi ran MENA’s first ever ‘re-tweet to win’ auto response, which prompted fans to retweet for a chance to win a ticket to the Formula E. Participants were informed whether they won or not through an automated response triggered by the Retweet, that was sent to their notifications.

• Phase 3: Engage
The third part of the campaign utilized Twitter’s conversational ad format, a Promoted Tweet that includes a call to action button with customizable hashtags; #driversname and #fanboost, to prompt people to spread the message by tweeting the hashtags to their followers. Those participating also had the chance to win a ticket to the race, and receive an auto response with a personalized video from the driver they voted for, thanking them for the power boost.

The campaign on Twitter, which was held between 30 November and 17 December, generated 24 million impressions, 4 million video views and more than 631,000 engagements.

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