OMD Predicts Forces For Brand Desire, Building Demand

OMD Predicts
The keys to unlocking consumer desire and building demand for a brand have long been concealed, forcing marketers in the past to test variables and speculate until they honed in on a more precise strategy. However, with the advent of today’s marketing technologies and the increasing role data plays in fine-tuning the direction, the map to success is no longer as enigmatic. As such, the 2016 edition of OMD Predicts, set to take place on September 7, 2016 in Dubai, will uncover how the communications industry can better leverage emerging practices and technologies in their strategies to stimulate stronger desire and higher demand.

David Plouffe, Chief Advisor at Uber, who was also senior advisor to President Barack Obama (2011-2013) and campaign manager in 2008 for the President, and New York Times Best-Selling author, will discuss the role data and technology plays today in the disciplines of demand planning and forecasting.

OMD’s Chief Planning Officer for EMEA, Neil Hurman, will bridge the conversation by addressing how marketers can adapt to the ever-changing consumer mindset in order to create actionable strategies that trigger tangible consumer desire. Sean Pillot de Chenecey, a global trends analyst with over 15 years of consulting experience with some of the world’s biggest brands, will discuss the impact that today’s information-sharing and on-demand culture have on consumption, sharing key insights on real-life behavioral economics.

The conference will also feature panel discussions to further elevate the dialog around brand best practices, as well as address questions to speakers and candidates from both the brand- and agency-side of the spectrum.

“The fundamental principles of marketing are transforming with the increasing use of data and technology today, allowing us to become ever closer to consumers and bilaterally transact with them. At OMD, we are constantly keeping a pulse on the latest developments in the use of data and technology to strengthen our clients’ marketing initiatives. As such, the speakers at this year’s edition of Predicts will share global insights and best practices in order to help attendees evolve their marketing strategies and better leverage all the tools available to them today,” commented Nadim Samara, CEO, OMD UAE.

Launched in 2007, OMD Predicts is an event series designed to keep marketers at the leading edge of emerging trends that will impact their operations and to future-proof their strategies.

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