Omnicom Media Group Adds MENA To Pathmatics Partnership

To further broaden its regional digital insights, Omnicom Media Group has extended its partnership with Pathmatics to MENA. As a result, the group’s clients in the region will have access to Pathmatics’ display and mobile advertising intelligence to capture market dynamics and enhance their digital planning and buying performance.

Pathmatics was formed to reveal the data sets obscured across the exchange pathways between the demand and supply sides of the digital advertising marketplace. Over the years, ad paths have become more complex, involving multiple parties. This has made ad tracking increasingly challenging and required more sophisticated forms of measurement. Pathmatics’ ability to track ad paths throughout the ecosystem lets buyers, sellers and ad tech providers measure the efficiency of ad buys; discover buying and selling partners; and track impressions and spends with greater accuracy.

“This MENA extension to our global contract with Pathmatics is the latest development in our multi-tiered approach to enhancing our service offering in the region. It allows us to continue providing our clients with a real competitive edge in the digital space. Pathmatics has the unique advantage of pinpointing the true path of digital ads, which affords our clients greater clarity in an ever-evolving, complex landscape. This makes it a vital component of every digital marketer’s toolkit. Our efforts don’t stop there; we are relentlessly exploring new technologies and practices with strategic partners that enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ communications and ultimately impact their bottom-line results,” added Dimitri Metaxas, Regional Executive Director-Specialist Companies, Omnicom Media Group MENA.

“Following our successful collaboration in other markets, it is only natural for us to partner exclusively with Omnicom Media Group in MENA. We are very impressed with their efforts to bring the highest levels of transparency and performance to their clients through new technologies and processes. It was natural for us to be part of their ecosystem. We look forward to breaking new ground together with Omnicom Media Group and their agencies in the region and advancing the digital agenda further,” said Gabe Gottlieb, Co-founder and CEO, Pathmatics.

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