OSN, SYFY Bring Sci-fi Universe To Dubai With Street Art & AR

OSN and NBCUniversal International Networks have formed an exclusive collaboration, partnering SYFY – the brand for fans of science fiction and fantasy genres – with INSA, the graffiti artist who created the world’s largest GIF visible from space – to commission a piece of street art that comes alive with augmented reality (AR).

The pop-art pioneer, known for his trademark stop-motion animated graffiti or as he calls it ‘GIF-iti’, will debut this piece of street art outside Green Planet in Jumeirah in Dubai on December 15-16, 2017. Armed with cans of spray paint and two specially commissioned stacked shipping containers as his canvas, the artist will start work on December 11, 2017 to create his interpretation of the SYFY brand.

INSA’s works are created by hand-painting large murals on walls, which are then photographed, re-painted and then photographed again before being converted into a clip on a loop, or GIF. These paintings are then digitally brought to life with the AR app ‘GIF-iti Viewer’.

“I’m passionate about creating art which can also be viewed online or with AR, so that’s why I started producing GIFs of my work so they live on in the digital space. I’m excited to work on this project with SYFY and OSN as both Dubai and the sci-fi genre provide a wealth of inspiration,” commented INSA in a press statement.

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