Publicis Groupe’s Annual Wishes Ask #WhatsNext

For the eighth season, Publicis Groupe’s Maurice Lévy is back to wish the employees of the Groupe a happy new year through yet another entertaining video.

This year, as his announced retirement date is on the horizon in May 2017, Publicis thought it would give him a hand moving out of his office. Even while movers are emptying it to prepare for #WhatsNext, Mr Lévy remains undisturbed by the activity around him, delivering his speech in true form.

Creative Chairman: Anne de Maupeou
CCO: Dimitri Guerassimov
CCO: Fabien Teichner
Creative Director: Rémy Aboukrat
Art Director: Jules Jolly
Copy Writer: François Guyomard
Co-President Marcel Agency: Pascal Nessim
Team Manager: Eva Castrillo
CTO: Louis da Silva
Technical Project Manager: Cédric Gagnaire
Front-End Developer: Diono Corbel
Back-End Developer: Edgar Lacouture
PR Managers: Nathalie Roland / Mélanie Colleou
Social Media Creative: Guillaume Aubert

President: Pierre Marcus
Producer: Thierry Delesalle
Production Officer: Sylvain Carellas
Director: Romain Quirot
Dop – Guillaume Le Gontrec
Post-Producer: Alexis Blais
Sound Designers: Fabien Cornec – Jean-Jacques Hubert & Florentin Foucault
Business Affairs: Catherine Oger

Publicis Groupe
VP, Directeur de communication: Peggy Nahmany
Global Communications Manager: Lindsay McCallum
International Communications Coordinator: Farida Koulibale-Ikonga
Responsable Communication: Sabrina Pittea

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