Rotana Audio Visual Partners With Choueiri Group’s DMS

Rotana Audio Visual LLC has chosen Digital Media Services (DMS) – Saudi Arabia to handle the exclusive, advertising sales for ‘Rotana Audio and Video’ and ‘Rotana FM’ in the Middle East and Turkey.

The partnership assures inclusion of all the content from ‘Rotana FM’ Radio Station and the production services of ‘Rotana Audio and Video’, comprising of concerts and the filming of Video clips, as well as the Fannbox App.

“In light of the expansion plans and innovations that Rotana is undertaking to keep pace with the current changes in the entertainment industry market in general and entertainment in particular and aligned with the interest, supervision and follow up which Al-Waleed bin Talal, Chairman of the Board of Directors, attaches to this transformation, today we are happy to sign this exclusive agreement with Choueiri Group, which will enhance our offerings as well as our technical and entertainment services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region,” commented Salem Al Hindi, CEO of Rotana Audio Visual.

This partnership claims to reinforce the position of ‘Rotana Audio and Video’ as the absolute pinnacle of leading production companies in the Arab world, which focuses on the production, development and distribution of artistic and musical content. It will also work to fortify Rotana FM’s position as one of the most prominent and widely listened to radio stations, which professionally keeps pace with the latest developments in the world of Gulf and Arabic music.

Pierre Choueiri, DMS Saudi Chairman stated, “We take pride in this cooperation with Rotana Audio Visual and have high hopes for this partnership. The unique features which Rotana provides for audio and video, with its various services and subsidiaries, as well as the broadcasting leadership of Rotana FM are a powerful package. We will be working hand-in-hand to build a bridge between the music and entertainment world and the advertising world, so that this relationship can benefit advertisers, listeners and the public alike.